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Coming Soon! New Cover, New Life

Great news - my first novel, Let Us be True, will be reissued on July 9th, and I couldn’t be happier. I love the new cover and I am so appreciative of everything Shadowpaw has done to give this book a second life.

Let Us be True is now featured on, a great new alternative to Goodreads.

Instead of reader reviews, what you’ll find on the site are author reviews and book lists tailored to every conceivable reading interest. On July 1st they posted my list of “Five Best Books For Grown-Up Time Travellers,” along with information about my novel, so take a look and, if you have the time, browse the site.

If you’re a writer, consider contacting them to see what they offer. They’re all about authors and getting your work seen by as many readers as possible.

Now, on to the next book!

Let Us Be True is available for pre-order at McNally’s, on and other online e-book vendors.


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